Oxygen Demand and COD

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) is a measure of the biologically available and inert oganic matter that is susceptible to oxidation by a strong oxidizing agent

The Hanna COD method is based on the well established closed dichromate-reflux colorimetric method The colorimetric measurement of COD is faster and easier to perform than the titrimetric analysis;additional reagents are not required The sample is added to the reagent vial and digested under closed reflux conditions and allowed to cool before measurement is taken Reference standards can be made using potassium hydrogen phthalate (KHP), 1 mg of KHP is equal to 1.175 mg COD

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) specifies that thedichromate reflux method is the only method acceptable for reportingpurposes.The advantage in using this method includes certifiableresults as well as high accuracy.

COD Testing Applications

COD is used as a measurement of pollutants. It is normally measuredin both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants andgives an indication of the efficiency of the treatment process. CODis measured on both influent and effluent water. The efficiencyof the treatment process is normally expressed as COD removal,measured as a percentage of the organic matter purified duringthe cycle. COD has further applications in power plant operations,chemical manufacturing, commercial laundries, pulp and paper mills,agriculture and animal waste runoff, environmental studies andgeneral education. Hanna equipment can be used in the laboratoryor for on-site testing. The measurement procedure has been designedfor ease of use by personnel at any skill level

A complete Laboratory at your fingertips

HI 83399 is one of the most versatile photometers on the market. In addition to COD, this meter also measures up to 40 of the most important water quality parameters.

HI83399 benchtop photometer measures 40 different key water and wastewater quality parameters using 73 different methods that allow for multiple ranges and variations in chemistry for specific applications. The Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) parameter is included for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment. The Phosphorous and Nitrogen parameters included are beneficial to municipal wastewater treatment customers that need to monitor their biological and chemical nutrient removal process. This photometer features an innovative optical system that uses LEDS, narrow band interference filters, focusing lens and both a silicon photodetector for absorbance measurement and a reference detector to maintain a consistent light source ensures accurate and repeatable photometric readings every time.

A digital pH electrode input is provided allowing the user to measure pH by a traditional glass electrode. The digital pH electrode has a built in microchip within the probe that stores all of the calibration information. Having the calibration information stored in the probe allows for hot swapping of pH electrodes without having to recalibrate. All pH measurements are automatically compensated for temperature variations with a built in thermistor located in the tip of the sensing bulb for fast and accurate temperature measurement.

Two USB ports are provided for transferring data to a flash drive or computer and to use as a power source for the meter. For added convenience and portability the meter can also operate on an internal 3.7 VDC Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery.

Advanced Optical System

HI83300 is designed with an innovative optical system that incorporates a beam splitter so that light can be used for absorbance readings and for a reference detector. The reference detector monitors the intensity of light and modulates when there is drift due to power fluctuation or the heating of the optical components. Each part has an important role in providing unparalleled performance from a photometer.

High Efficiency LED Light Source

An LED light source offers superior performance as compared to a tungsten lamp. LEDs have a much higher luminous efficiency, providing more light while using less power. They also produce very little heat, which could otherwise affect the optical components an electronic stability. LEDs are available in a wide array of wavelengths, whereas tungsten lamps are supposed to be white light (all wavelengths of visible light) but actually have a poor blue/violet light output.

High Quality Narrow Band Interference Filters

The narrow band interference filter not only ensure greater wavelength accuracy (+/- 1 nm) but are extremely efficient. The filters used allow up to 95% of the light from the LED to be transmitted as compared to other filters that are only 75% efficient. The higher efficiency allows for a brighter, stronger light source. The end result is higher measurement stability and less wavelength error.

Reference Detector for a Stable Light Source

A beam splitter is used as part of the internal reference system of the HI83300 photometer. The reference detector compensates for any drift due to power fluctuations or ambient temperature changes. Now you can rely on a stable source of light between your blank (zero) measurement and sample measurement.

Large Cuvette Size

The sample cell of the HI83300 fits a round, glass cuvette with a 25 mm path length. Along with the advanced optical components, the larger size of the cuvette greatly reduces errors in rotation from the indexing mark of the cuvettes. The relatively long path length of the sample cuvette allows the light to pass through more of the sample solution, ensuring accurate measurements even in low absorbance samples.

Focusing Lens for Greater Light Yield

Adding a focusing lens to the optical path allows for the collection of all of the light that exits the cuvette and focusing the light on the silicon photo detector. This novel approach to photometric measurements cancels the errors from imperfections and scratches present in the glass cuvette eliminating the need to index the cuvette.

Simple Measurement Procedure

The entire COD measurement process has been designed for ease of use by personnel at any skill level. All HANNA products have been designed for maximum safety during handling and testing with a minimum amount of waste. Even a novice can safely run accurate COD tests in just 3 simple steps:

Serie HI99 - Dotazione Completa

Step 1

Fill the pre-dosed vial (HI 93745 Series) with the sample.

Serie HI99 - Ampio Display

Step 2

Place the vial in the reactor (HI 839800) and set the timer.

Serie HI99 - Dotazione Completa

Step 3

Place the vial in the HI 83399 and read the results.

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All components have been designed for an accurate, easy, and safe measurement of COD: HI83399 COD analyser, HI93754 series of pre-dosed reagents, HI839800 test tube heater and HI740216 test tube cooling rack.

COD Meter

HI83399 is one of the versatile photometers on the market. In addition to COD, this meter measures up to 40 of the most important water quality parameters.

HI839800 Reactor & Test Tube Heater

Hanna HI839800 test tube reactor accepts up to 25 standard 16mm diameter cuvettes for each reaction cycle. With the HI839800, the user can speed up the analysis process of large quantities of samples without sacrificing accuracy. An accurate temperature control system ensure the digestion develops exactly at 150 ℃ +/-2 ℃ as required by the Standard Methods.

Certified Reagent Kits (HI93754 Series)

COD levels vary depending on the application and the different measuring point throughout the process. Three ranges of reagent kits (HI93754A, HI93754B & HI93754C) are available that follow the EPA & Dichromate method for the high range determination of chemical oxygen demand (COD). Each kit contains pre-dosed cuvettes sufficient for 25 tests, Certificate of Analysis and instruction manual.
HI93754A-25(LR) - 0 to 150 mg/L
HI93754B-25(MR) - 0 to 1500 mg/L
HI93754C-25(HR) - 0 to 15000 mg/L

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