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Recently it has been confirmed that counterfeit Hanna products are circulating in the Indian market. These testers are neither designed nor manufactured by our company, but they bear a mark similar to our trademark and look similar to our products. These products are sold at very low prices as compared to our original product.

Hanna Instruments does not guarantee the performance and quality of these products, and we shall not be liable for any claims or damages, accident or injury resulting from the use of counterfeit products.

We strongly suggest that all purchases of Hanna products be through our sales representative or authorized dealers.

HANNA e l'analisi delle Acque Potabili


Why you should not purchase Counterfeit Hanna Products?

1. These Product are not eligible for any standard warranty from Hanna Instruments

2. Hanna Equipments India do not guarantee the performance or Quality of the product

3. Compromise on Accurate results and Safety

4. Demo, Installation and after Sales Support will not be provided for such counterfeit products

5. Counterfeit products are non-repairable



Analisi delle Acque Ambientali: Superficiali e Sotterranee



Advantages of Buying genuine Hanna Products

1. You are eligible for After Sales Support any time even after the warranty period

2. Standard Warranty Card will be provided inside the meter with Hanna Instruments Official Seal

3. Assurance of Great Accuracy & Better results

4. Access to Hanna Study Material

5. Anytime Application or Technical Support



How to Spot the Counterfeit Product?

Hanna strives to bring you world class service and support. The existence of Counterfeit/fake products dilutes this image in your mind since you associate the fake product with Hanna Instruments. These products do not have a warranty, accuracy cannot be guaranteed as specified, the specifications listed are not correct and service will not be provided for these testers.

Original products carry warranty, service and support from a world class company.

Below Image shows the differences between the fake tester and original tester. In this Image you can easily figure out the differences.


HANNA e l'analisi delle Acque di Piscina e Termale

HANNA e l'analisi delle Acque di Piscina e Termale

HANNA e l'analisi delle Acque Potabili


Counterfeit HI96xxx series pocket testers

Note: HANNA INSTRUMENT has stopped manuafacturing and supplying HI96xxx series pH and EC/TDS tester. If you have brought any of following model number from local market then note that those are must be counterfeite products.

1. HI96107 Pocket pH tester

2. HI96301 Pocket TDS DiST1 1990ppm / 10ppm

3. HI96302 Pocket TDS DiST2 10000ppm / 100ppm

4. HI96303 Pocket EC DiST3 1990µS/cm / 10µS/cm

5. HI96304 Pocket EC DiST4 19900µS/cm / 100µS/cm



Analisi delle Acque Ambientali: Superficiali e Sotterranee

Original Non Waterproof HI98xxx series basic pocket testers

Note: Following products can be purchased from HANNA website. These products are Basic Type Testers and these are NON-Waterproof. This products has "P" in the product code

1. HI98107P pHep Pocket-sized pH Tester

2. HI98301P TDS tester with ATC, 1999 ppm (mg/L)

3. HI98302P TDS tester with ATC, 0.00 to 10.00 ppt

4. HI98303P Conductivity tester with ATC, 1999 μS/cm

5. HI98304P Conductivity tester with ATC, 19.99 mS/cm



HANNA e l'analisi delle Acque Potabili


Upgraded Waterproof Automatic HI98xxx series pocket testers

Note: HANNA INSTRUMENT has upgared it basic series of pocket pH/EC/TDS testers and now there testers are available with Auto Calibration faccility and these are waterproof testers. These testers are also available on our website to purchase online.

1. HI98107 pHep Waterproof Pocket pH Tester with 0.1 pH Resolution

2. HI98301 DiST 1 Waterproof TDS Tester (0-2000 ppm)

3. HI98302 DiST 2 Waterproof TDS Tester (0.00-10.00 ppt)

4. HI98303 DiST 3 Waterproof EC Tester (0-2000 µS/cm)

5. HI98304 DiST 4 Waterproof EC Tester (0.00-20.00 mS/cm)



Did you just realize that you bought a fake Hanna Tester/Meter?

If Yes, please join hands with us to stop such meters being sold.

Write to us on .

Let us know where did you purchase that product from. We will surely take actions against it.