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Calibration Check Key at -18°C (HI765 Probes) - HI765-18C

Pre-order, Ships within 8-9 Weeks​

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The HI765-18C is a calibration check key for thermistor thermometers that use the HI765 series of probes. Designed to simulate -18℃ (±0.4℃), this key offers a fast and simple way of checking the accuracy of your instrument.

  • -18℃ Key Rated Value
  • Simple, Quick Verification
  • For Thermistors with HI765 Probes

Pre-order, Ships within 8-9 Weeks​

The HI765-18C Calibration Check Key at -18℃ is designed to check the accuracy of your thermistor thermometer. This check key is compatible with any of Hanna’s thermistor thermometers that use the HI765 series of probes.

By simply connecting the calibration key to the probe input, the user can quickly determine if the meter needs to be recalibrated. If the reading on the display differs more than 0.4℃ from the key rated value, the thermometer should be recalibrated at our technical service center. For periodic verification of your thermometer’s calibration, it is recommended to check at least two calibration points. The value of the calibration check keys should be chosen based on the expected temperature of the sample.


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