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Magnetic Stir Bars (10) - HI731319

Pre-order, Ships within 8-9 Weeks​

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HI731319 is a set of 10 magnetic stir bars that are used with a magnetic stirrer whether independent or built into a meter. Each stir bar is coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE ) to provide chemical resistance to a wide variety of chemicals including aggressive substances.

  • Chemically resistant PTFE coating
  • Small size (1” x 0.3”)
  • 10 piece set

Pre-order, Ships within 8-9 Weeks​

The HI731319 set of 10 magnetic stir bars made for a variety of applications. Used in a laboratory setting, a magnetic stirrer together with magnetic stir bars continually stir buffers and/or samples to keep them homogeneous. By keeping samples uniform during measurement and titration, erroneous results are eliminated by preventing any temperature gradients or inadequate mixing when chemicals are added to a sample.

SKU HI731319
Name Magnetic Stir Bars (10) – HI731319
Dimensions 25 mm x 7 mm / 1” x 0.3”

Quantity: 10

Magnetic Stir Bars (10) – HI731319


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