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Shockproof Rubber Boot (Blue) - HI710007

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HI710007 is a blue shockproof rubber boot designed to protect your Hanna instrument and provide easier handling. This special boot helps prevent damage due to accidental impact. It can withstand high temperatures of up to 200℃ (392℉) as well as ozone and other environmental phenomena.

  • High temperature resistance
  • Meter face and connection openings
  • Streamlined casing

Ships within 24 hours (business days)


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HI710007 is a blue shockproof rubber boot designed for select pH, multiparameter, and temperature meters. The durable rubber casing ensures users have a secure grip on their instrument when using it in the field, factory, or production room floor. The HI710007 rubber boot prevents damage in the case of accidental impact and is able to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

This protective boot features an opening for the face of the meter as well as at the bottom for easy access to probe connections. HI710007 is designed to fit Hanna meters that measure 145 x 80 x 36 mm (5.7 x 3.1 x 1.4″).

SKU HI710007
Name Shockproof Rubber Boot (Blue) – HI710007
Dimensions 145 x 80 x 36 mm (5.7 x 3.1 x 1.4”)
Notes Color: Blue

Shockproof Rubber Boot (Blue) – HI710007


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